Mads Birdsall

Mads Birdsall

Mads Birdsall




Holding your unique energy at the center of each reading, I help you remember why you're here in this life. Each session is rooted in your intention, guided by anything you are seeking to better understand or clarify for this moment in time.

Le Grand Tableau


I use Madame Lenormand's deck to do a tableau reading where we use all of the cards in the deck to understand:

⬖ A theme for your intention or topic

⬗ What is on both your conscious & subconscious mind

⬖ Clarifying information on the recent past and possible futures

⬗ Specific information regarding your intention or topic

⬖ Insight on your own path to harmony

A 60-minute private reading

Channeled Letter


Guided by your intention or question, I connect with your energetic field and guide(s) to channel messages, guidance, and specific information to support action.

All channeled information is captured in a letter, a message straight from Spirit to you. I hand write each letter with care on beautiful stationary and then mail it to you.

Please provide:

⬖ 1 recent photo of you (to help me attune to your unique energetic field)

⬗ Your intention or question

⬖ Your mailing address

A 1 page handwritten letter delivered to you in the mail

Anike A.

Mads is wisdom wrapped in warmth. Accessible and grounded she helps you tap into your own inner infinite well of insight and inspiration. The reading was a beautiful affirmation of my own emerging insights—that are now clearly visible on the surface. Through imagery and sensing, Mads lovingly offers the channeled guidance that provided a sense of comfort and clarity.

Brooke F.

My Le Grand Tableau reading with Mads was SO good! Mads has a lovely, light energy about her that makes the reading interactive and collaborative. I loved getting to participate with my own curiosities. Her knowledge and presence creates the perfect container for exploration of meaning, which was very intuitive and resonated with me deeply. I’d 1000% recommend Mads and her offerings!!

Kirsten W.

Mads does a clear and concise reading full of insight and super useful & applicable wisdom that continuously inspires. The conviction in her delivering of messages from spirit anchor the truth and core of what needs my attention. After our session the utter clarity and ease my actions are bathed in, keeps me coming back because that is truly invaluable. So much gratitude!!!