A New Kind of Resource

Aug 24, 2021

It turns out, we are all really good at problem solving—it’s our main resource. It’s what we’re all taught over and over again. Almost everything we learn is problem solving, it’s just slightly different flavors. It’s all really brain focused and it’s about exerting energy. Actively doing. Thinking hard and reasoning through something. Using logic to understand and plan.

When we try to understand something or figure out how we want to move forward, we reach for our primary resource: problem solving.

So, let’s say problem solving is a hammer in our toolbox. When something needs “fixing” in our life, we hammer it out. When we still get stuck, we might turn to a self-help book or a training. We might think we’re getting a wrench and a screwdriver to add to our box, but what we’re actually getting is different colored hammers. Yes, they are different ways to problem solve and they likely have a formula or process that you’re learning. But at the end of the day it’s still problem solving and it’s still a hammer.

We are all very capable of problem solving. In fact, we’re really good at it. By the time we reach adulthood we are really good at picking up what works well for us and then carrying that resource with us in our toolbox, using it as needed. Yet, no matter how many trainings, workshops, or classes we do we don’t always feel like we have the right answer. And sometimes we feel so exhausted that it doesn’t seem like we can even begin our various problem solving processes. Just opening the toolbox feels hard and out of reach.

Yes, problem solving is a powerful resource, fueled by a powerful organ—our brain—but it isn’t the only one.

We are so much more than our brains. When we appreciate our hammers and how good we are at using them we can then begin to look for completely different tools to add to our toolbox. A true wrench, completely different from the hammer.

This is where our bodies come in. Our bodies that communicate in emotions, felt sensations, and a sense of knowing.

This wealth of knowledge is just waiting for you to feel satisfied with your problem solving abilities so that you can begin to turn your attention to connecting with all of this other helpful information. And the best part about this information is that you don’t have to sign up for a class or training to get it—you already carry it wherever you go.

So, it’s just about how you can begin to notice it, understand it, and apply your learnings. This is where some new tools come into play. Things like guided meditation or visualization. Somatics. Psychic readings. Tarot and archetype cards. Human Design. Breathwork. Astrology. And so much more.

My services are focused on just that—supporting you in quieting your brain and its problem solving so that you can begin to access the wealth of information your body carries.

Most importantly, it’s a highly individualized process. It’s about discovering how your specific body communicates with you, and what that looks like. Designing ways for you to access the information that works for you, your lifestyle, and your needs.

Is your toolbox filled with a lot of problem solving hammers that are just slightly different colors? Are you ready to add more different tools to your box? Maybe even lighten the load so you aren’t lugging around a million hammers? Then I'd love to work together. Learn more about my services or sign up for my newsletter.